Saturday, November 03, 2007

Dead Xbox

Yesterday evening Chris and I decided to play a game on our Xbox. We chose Legos Star Wars II. We were just to the point were Leia dumps the disc into R2D2 and sends him to Tatooine when the game just froze. We tried to reboot. No luck. The console just flashed red/yellow where it should be a solid green light. So we did some research. This is apparently a common problem with Xbox systems. We called Microsoft. Sure they'll fix it, for $80 and we have to pay for shipping. Doesn't really seem worth it does it, for a 4 year old game system that is out of date anyway. But we have all these games. Games that I actually like to play - like Harry Potter Quidditch and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (yeah, so what, I like Harry Potter games). After some more research I found out that you can get the system fixed by people other than Microsoft but they still charge on average $80 a pop. Or, we can go buy a refurbished Xbox that already has this problem fixed for $70 from EB Games. Or, we can run out and buy a Xbox 360 for about $350 and just toss all the games we have. But I love Harry Potter Quidditch.

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XBOX 360!!!!

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