Friday, November 02, 2007

Front Row Showdown

Yesterday Chris called me at work to ask if I wanted to go to the Sonic's home opener. He was offered free tickets and they were in Section 107 Row 1. Why not right, how often do you get to sit in Row 1.

Turns out Section 107 is directly behind the basket, where the DIE HARD fans sit. The fans that are there for every game. The fans that all know each other. The fans that even know the names of all the refs. The fans that talk, yell, and drink the entire time.

Let me tell you, sitting there was quite the experience. Not one I want to experience again anytime soon, but one I won't soon forget. I keep looking on websites for pictures from last nights game. There have to be some with us in them. We were right there. You could almost taste the sweat coming off the players. We sat right in front of Big Lo. If you've ever been to a Sonics game you know this guy. Everyone there knows this guy. Even the Sasquatch came running at us, jumped right over the top of Chris and landed in this guys lap giving him high fives and such. He almost spilled Chris's beer!

Oh, and Kid Rock was there. At one point Chris says to me "look over there, is that Kid Rock?". And holy cow it was. Kid Rock, at the Sonics game, wow.....

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