Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Really? You just spit in front of me?

I hate spit. Not the kind of necessary spit that you encounter at home in the privacy of the bathroom, but the kind of spit that lands unnecessarily in your path on the sidewalk.

I remember when I was in grade school and we figured out that we could spit, that we could "hock a loogie", and that Cindy could hock them farther than any of the boys. That was cool, that was playground discovery. But, here I am a 30 something professional in downtown Seattle and people still are spitting all over the street?

I'm not sure why exactly it bothers me so much. I understand that it is a natural occurrence. But does it have to happen in front of me? And especially by people who I'm sure are carrying something that shouldn't be released on the unknowing public! It also seems that the people that spit in front of you are also the people that look like they'd snatch your purse or knock an old lady down. It really bothers me!

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