Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mexico Vs. Some Other Team

If you were anywhere near Qwest Field last night you knew that Mexico was playing an exhibition football game. Fans dressed in the country's colors, faces painted, draped in Mexican flags were everywhere.

What was missing was any indication of who they were playing.

56,400 Mexico fans showed up for the game. About 16 fans for their opponent, China, tried to stay hidden.

It was impressive. Qwest field was a sea of green, red and white last night and the fans enjoyed every minute of the game. Every time Mexico made a good play a cry of Ole' would sound. When Mexico had possession the place shook with the chant of Mexico, Mexico! If the ref made a call against Mexico the crowd was on it's feet yelling and stomping. They sang the national anthem with passion. They banged drums. They even did the wave, over and over again. It was contagious. And the fans were rewarded with Mexico winning the game 1-0.

Viva Mexico!

MexicoVsChina041608 002

MexicoVsChina041608 004

mexicovschina041608 006

MexicoVsChina041608 015

mexicovschina041608 019

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Roberta said...

YAY Mexico! We invinted the wave! It's true, you can find it in wikipedia. :-)

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