Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Urban Guilt

Every time I drive my car from West Seattle to Bellevue and back for work I feel guilty. I drive alone. I drive a car that doesn't get the best gas mileage ever. I'm another person clogging up the roads.

But driving to work is fast. It takes me approximately 27 minutes from my driveway to the parking lot at work (of course I leave before 7am to avoid the major commute time).

Today I rode the bus in. I left the house at 6:47am. I caught the 21 Express to downtown where I entered the bus tunnel and caught the 550 Express to Bellevue. Upon arrival in Bellevue I exited the bus and walked the 1 block to my office arriving at the front door at 8:21am. 8:21am!! It took me 1 hour and 34 minutes to bus the 17.2 miles from my house to my office. Not what I would call Rapid Transit.

But, I did feel less guilty.

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Roberta said...

Have you considered trying it via segway? or skateboard? :-)

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