Wednesday, May 28, 2008

29" Blackmouth King Salmon

Last Friday Chris, Brandon and I went kayak fishing near the cabin at Anderson Island. We weren't having much luck and we'd been out there for about 3 hours when Chris hooked this 29" Blackmouth Salmon (King). Mind you he was fishing with 4 lb. test so he had quite a fight on his hands. The fish almost ran out his entire spool. It was pretty fun to watch him battle. Finally he got it to the kayak where we found out it was a hatchery fish so we were able to keep it. BBQ Salmon dinner on Friday night! Here are some pictures.

Fish On!
MemorialDay2008 005

Chris looking mighty proud of himself.
MemorialDay2008 019
MemorialDay2008 020

We BBQ'd 1/2 on Friday and froze the other 1/2.
MemorialDay2008 039

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