Monday, December 20, 2010

User Error

You have to be able to laugh at yourself, and I seem to have plenty of opportunity to do so.

Sometimes I don't know my own strength. And often, when opening things, I forget about my brute strength and rip doors/handles/lids right off.

Last summer it was the lid to the deck box. Chris made fun of me for weeks.

Just recently it was the door handle in our Volvo, from the inside. When Chris took it in to get fixed the guy said to him "I have no idea how she managed to do that".

Well, I managed to do it again. Just a few weeks after getting it fixed. Good thing I don't lift weights, can you imagine?!

So, the door handle is broken. And, in order to exit the car I have to roll down the window, open it from the outside, and then roll it back up.

Last week I drove into work, parked the car, rolled down the window, opened the door and then noticed that the RED warning light was on in the car. I let out a giant sign, pulled out the manual and looked up the warning light. The note said "pull over immediately and read computer text on dash". So I looked at the dash and couldn't read the message because the light is going out in the dash computer. It only works when the car has been off for at least an hour, only for about 10 minutes or so. Big sigh again.

I went upstairs and called our repair guy. They didn't have an opening until Monday. I began to panic. There may have been anger, there may have been yelling, and possibly a few tears. I was very upset. It also didn't help that my commute is fairly far and I was stressed about a busy day at work. Needless to say, I may have lost it. Poor Chris.

Around two in the afternoon I finally had a break and went down to the parking garage to see if I could read the warning message (since the car had been parked for some time). I opened the door and got in, leaving the door open so I wouldn't have to do the window routine to get back out. I turned on the car, the warning light came on, and I looked over at the message. It was there, clear as day, "Driver Door Open".

Huge Sigh.

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