Monday, May 02, 2011

Raised Garden Beds

Chris and I took advantage of the sunny weather (finally!) this past weekend to build our raised garden beds. At the end of last season we had ripped out our old garden bed (small) and covered an entire section of grass with black plastic to fester over the winter. Saturday morning we pulled up the black plastic and began our work.

First I had to dig up the dogwood tree that has always been in the wrong spot. It was here when we moved in. An entire side of it broke off when a drunk raccoon jumped on it. It has always looked out of place. So...I dug it up *flex*.

The next thing we noticed was that we were going to need some sort of retaining wall to keep our new garden area from eroding under our neighbors fence. It only took 1 hour at Home Depot to come up with a viable solution. Hollow cement blocks (22 total - 16 x 8 x 8 inches each).

While Chris built the beds (he's safer with saws) I built the retaining wall. It isn't the straightest most level wall I've ever seen, but it will serve it's purpose.

Jetty was a huge help. He ate lots and lots of grass so we didn't have to pull out the edger. This is him with his mouth full.

After much slaving away we had our raised beds built!! Next up we'll build some paths in between them and a small patio at the far end for a bench. If anyone would like to come play in the dirt and help out, just let me know. We pay in beer.


Matt said...

Your puppy looks a lot like ours. Brodie is half Frenchie and half Boston and seems to love the grass in our back yards as well. Congrats on the garden boxes.

Matt said...

it seems I can't type... I used a comma instead of a period in the last post...

Meg said...

Wow. Very impressive. I'm glad you guys got that big project done and out of the way! Now here's hoping for more sunny days so we can actually plant stuff in our gardens!

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